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Susan Etlinger (USA)

Data & AI & Metaverse Thought Leadership at Microsoft | Strategist | Researcher | Award-Winning Content Marketer

Susan is a globally recognized expert in digital strategy, with a focus on the business and societal implications of artificial intelligence, technology, ethics and data. Director of AI and Innovation at Microsoft and member of the US Department of State Speaker Program, Susan is one of the world’s leading researchers on how companies can apply big data and AI to their business models. Her TED talk, “What Do We Do With All This Big Data?” has been translated into 25 languages and reached more than 1.5 million views.

All Sessions by Susan Etlinger (USA)

Discussion Panel: Possibilities and Pitfalls in emergent tech

Join an in the round discussion around the exciting upcoming possibilities that emerging tech could bring, but what are the pitfalls? What are the ethics? Where is the safety? Be a part of the discussion.

Data Everywhere: How data and AI are changing research

Data Everywhere: How data and AI are changing research