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Robert Barnfield

Insights Manager - Primary Research, ABC

I am a passionate Consumer Insights and Analytics Professional with the knowledge and experience to ensure that the voice of the consumer is heard in a way that creates win-wins for both the consumer and the business. My role is to collaborate effectively between internal and external stakeholders and to provide the best available information to allow for informed decision making. My experience is in both Research and Database Analytics, with 11 years managing Consumer Insights Departments and 7 years consulting experience in Research Agencies. I am well versed in all types of research: Qualitative, Quantitative, Ethnography and new approaches like Neuro and Behavioural Economics, and determining the best approach to answer the questions posed, and have successfully optimised Market Research plans and projects and translated the findings into actionable corporate strategies. My extensive experience is across Brand Equity and Communications Development, Customer Satisfaction/ Loyalty Research, Customer Segmentation, Market Mix Modelling, Ideation, Trends, Sensory and NPD. As an advocate of behavioural segmentation, I created consistent segmentation models across both behavioural and attitudinal data sources, and have effectively managed database customer reporting and analytics on customer databases of over 500,000 active members As an experienced people manager, I enjoy the process of training and mentoring the people I manage.

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Humans and COVID19: Changing Audience Needs through the Pandemic

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) is Australia’s largest public broadcaster. The ABC has a weekly reach of 69% of all Australians across our 5 Television Stations, 11 radio networks and digital offerings, and connect with 80% of Australians each month. We aspire to inform, educate and entertain all Australians. The ABC Audience Data and Insights team (AD&I) are responsible for conducting research and utilising internal and external data to identify audience needs, measure performance and uncover underlying trends that will ensure that we are producing and sharing content that reflects and contributes to Australian society, culture and identity via appropriate channels. When COVID-19 lockdowns were announced in March 2020, we understood that the media landscape and audience needs and behavioural patterns had changed overnight. Our audiences were concerned and uncertain about events and looked to us to provide information that would help them through their situation. The organisation pivoted instantly to ensure it was meeting our audience’s requirements, with our news teams delivering up the latest pandemic updates to a public that was concerned and reliant on us. Through this work we uncovered a key insight that helped us to understand our audiences’ needs through the pandemic. For our audiences, there was an underlying need to immerse themselves in COVID information to ensure the safety of their friends and families, yet at the same time there was a need to escape from COVID. We have dug deep on this insight through all of our work over the past 2 years to help us understand how we are performing in the changed media landscape. The tension for us has been getting the balance right. The ABC is still early on in understanding the new world of media that has been impacted massively by the COVID-19 Pandemic. We would love to share with you in detail what we have learnt so far….