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Matthew Scott

General Manager, Melbourne, Painted Dog Research

Matt is the General Manager of Painted Dog Research in Melbourne. He is a dualist consultant with over 12 years research, analytics and strategy experience, both in client-side and agency roles. Matt started his research journey with five years experience in a client-side role before joining Painted Dog Research in 2014. After around three years with Painted Dog in Perth, Matt moved East and gained experience in various agencies in Sydney and Melbourne. In 2021, he started back at Painted Dog Research to head up the Melbourne branch. In total, Matt has more than seven years agency research experience working across industries including insurance, health, state government, utilities, aviation/tourism, FMCG and retail. Matt has experience across a variety of quantitative and qualitative methodologies but a particular interest and passion for segmentation and large complex quantitative research. Outside of work, Matt is keen on a board game and a fan of Survivor – he enjoys getting out and about on the weekend exploring Melbourne with friends.

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Size Isn't Everything

To keep up with the speed and complexity of marketing today, we need to adopt a new mindset and agile ways for conducting research that provides marketers with more information than they have had before, and with smaller budgets. To inform a discussion around the power of agile research, we conducted a meta-analysis of projects and compared results at varying levels of sample sizes to explore the question¶can small data be just as valuable as big data? When does this most apply? In which situations might we be able to avoid the default inflated sample sizes common in our industry today? Our paper looked at over 100 studies completed by Painted Dog Research - across a mix of industries (finance, health, retail, consumer products, resources, insurance, etc.) and a mix of common marketing questions (satisfaction, brand health, market sizing, concept testing and community consultation). With the findings of this paper, Painted Dog Research hopes to share some evidence that challenges current thinking and supports the research industryís move towards being more agile - in a world where big data is becoming king, small data could more often be a better fit.