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Matthew Bond

Executive Director, 3arc by DBM

Leading DBMs new boutique consumer research agency - 3arc by DBM - Matt is a strategy-driven researcher who has significant experience working with clients across APAC on some of their largest challenges, from shifting market forces to bringing customers to the centre of decision making for senior executives and marketers alike. Matt's aim, and therefore 3arc's focus, is to bring a directional narrative to all projects with clear storylines for brands and consumer experiences, and continually elevate client expectations through providing strategic intelligence. Whether this is through emerging tech solutions or simply walking a mile in a customer's shoes. Matt's focus is practical and solution-based approaches to insights with a focus on the future. He brings his clients closer to customers by using qualitative and quantitative research methodologies complemented by human-centred design, CX approaches, emerging tech and meaningful collaboration. Matts near 20-year career spans across FMCG, Financial Services, Retail, Automotive, Telco, Tourism and Government. Prior to DBM, Matt was at EY Sweeney for nearly 8 years and 7 years with Quantum, after three years working client-side at a global FMCG.

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The importance of human centricity in the metaverse

The world our clientsí customers live in is changing... The metaverse/web 3.0 will be a fundamental change to how we live, communicate, shop, buy, travel, learn, play and work. It will shift the construct of everyday life for customers, employees and businesses, and therefore the research industry. Itís clear that the shift to web 3.0 will be faster and more dynamic than many are likely prepared for. Itís closer than you probably think, and the risk facing organisations who donít adopt a strategy that understands consumers who primarily use virtual currency, to buy virtual products, in virtual neighbourhoods, is enormous. Research suppliers have a unique opportunity, and responsibility to our clients collaborate on how they can enter and thrive in web 3.0; learning from the lessons of the previous internet eras and giving them the advantages needed to be the disruptor, and not the disrupted. This discussion will will look to encapsulate the latest thinking on changes coming to consumers and citizens through web 3.0, focusing on thought leadership, presentation of hypothesis and thought-provoking challenges for our clients, to drive discussion around web 3.0, the metaverse and implications on human behaviour, consumerism and citizenship in this new dynamic.