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Matt Howley

Consultant & Co-founder, Picnic Customer Intelligence

Matt Howley is also a co-founder of Picnic Customer Intelligence with a career focus on delivering product, pricing and CX insights. Matt is passionate about creating customer and client-friendly research approaches that create a stronger connection between brands and participants.

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Growing the essential belief in research: How can we increase our credibility in the minds of research end-users by better understanding their attitudes?

A constant challenge in our industry is building and maintaining belief in research amongst those who use it in their decision making. Belief is more than research impact - it is the genuine confidence that research can guide the correct business decisions. Stonger belief can also help users leverage research in the right manner and in the right context, rather than mis-guided representations. However we do not always get visibility of how end-users think. But by uncovering this we get the chance to increase the credibility of our work as an industry. An end-user's belief in research might be shaped by factors like polling failures, business philosophies, respondent authenticity, areas of misunderstanding, technical jargon and more. So, lets get a clearer view of end-user thinking through some new primary research. In this session, we will explore and navigate attitudes to research amongst users and illustrate these in various personas. We will link these to the core idea of belief in research, and explore how belief impacts research spending and how research is used. Finally, we will also share some of our own approaches to increase belief.