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Marcin Pont

VoC Engagement Lead, AustralianSuper

Marcin has been involved in insight generation and dissemination for 20 years locally and internationally. Throughout these years, his passion has always been Customer Experience and its linkage to ROI. His current role is centered around bringing relevant CX insights to life at AustralianSuper.

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Improving Member experience with a callback

The old adage that a disgruntled customer leaves your business and churns to a competitor, is more true than ever. Service strategy suggests, that by speaking or communicating with disgruntled customers, with the aim of resolving their issue or at the very least helping them understand why they encountered a challenge, will save these customers and make them advocates of the brand. This is indeed true at AustralianSuper, but the rate of migration from detraction to promotion, although positive may surprise some. With superannuation regulations changing, retirement needs becoming more complicated, the need for a Closed Loop programme to help our members was evident, but ROI needed to be established. Hence, in 2021/22 AustralianSuper created a longitudinal Call Back campaign to validate the ROI and drive change within the business.