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Liz Moore

Head of Audience Data and Insight Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)

People are fascinating. What they do, why they do it, what they think and feel and how they behave is at the heart of Human Insights, it drives our society and economy and makes us who we are. I’ve been so fortunate to have built a career in this space, working with amazing professionals who uncover the “how, what and why of people”. The. I’m excited about how our industry has embraced innovation and incorporated cutting edge techniques to uncover Human Insights using technology which we could only dreamed about when I started my career. Human Insights Conference is THE once a year opportunity for professionals working in this space to come together and explore the many faceted aspects of people and what makes them tick – from leading edge technology and analytics through to the very latest in Behavioural Economics and Neuroscience. It’s an exciting time to be in the research industry and our Human Insights Conference this year reflects that.

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CMO Discussion Panel - Where is the research/insights spend being directed now and in the planning of the next few years?

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