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Jackie Erny

Senior Consultant, Nature

Jackie has six years' experience in the market research industry, utilising her background in behavioural science to help get under the skin of what consumers think, feel, and need. With a mix of qual and quant experience, she has worked extensively with many of Australia's leading FMCG brands, such as Pepsi, Lion, Mondelez and Campbell Arnott's helping them develop winning products that are grounded in consumer needs. With a strong background in both sensory and brand research, she understands the importance of embedding consumer insights into every stage of a brand's journey, to ensure lasting success.

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Cultural Trend Monitoring: Mondelez and the World of Snacking over the Last 2 Years

The last 2 years have been a rollercoaster and weíll do our best to avoid using the P word! In this paper weíll bring you in to the wonderful world of Mondelez and a program we have been running over the last 2 years. This exciting project was originally developed in response to the P word, but has evolved to measure cultural sparks and trends that are being used to inform business decision making at Mondelez. Weíve had the pleasure of working in partnership to make this research come to life, with input from all parties, Mondelez, Nature, and The Lab. One of the most unique parts of this project was developing a consumer segmentation to recruit a group of consumers that we would then track their lives over the next 2 years through video ethnographies with findings validated through quantitative research. This paper highlights the key themes which have emerged over the last two years, how this has had an impact on Mondelezí business and showcases a true use of mixed methodologies to achieve this. One such example we explore is the impact of rapid, bulk shopping, over a long period of time, which has changed habits and made it harder for brands to catch attention and enact trial as consumers spend less time in supermarkets and more often come armed with a pre-planned list.