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Daryl Maloney McCall

VP Global Commercialization, SightX

Daryl Maloney McCall is the VP Global Commercialization at SightX. With over 20 years of experience in research management and marketing intelligence, Daryl has worked with many Fortune 500 MRD's to help them become more efficient and effective Insights providers within their organizations. He has experience as both a buyer and supplier of market research, and has worked in a diverse range of marketing information disciplines; as well as being the Founder of Research Reporter - the integrated research management system, which was acquired by FocusVision (now Forsta) in 2015.

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Sports and the Shift in the Australian Consumers' Psyche

For many Australians, sports play a substantial role in both their personal and cultural identity. But as COVID threw the world into a tailspin, the professional sports market became uncertain and volatile. Like much of the rest of the world, Australia experienced a patchwork of lockdowns and restrictions, ultimately leading to spectating rules that changed frequently and varied by code and location. Some fans used their newfound free “lockdown” time to seek alternative and deeper methods of engagement with their favorite sports through broadcast viewing, social media, or sports news sites. But other fans appear to have disengaged, often for several reasons, leaving many brands (and agencies) to question the new value behind sponsorships. So, with continuing uncertainty, what is (or will be) the new role of sports in the Australian psyche? Will popularity surge now that restrictions are lifting and crowds are permitted to return? Or, have leagues lost segments of their fanbase for good? Our research seeks to better understand how Australians have engaged with their favorite leagues during the pandemic, and will work to uncover the new drivers of value when it comes to sponsorships and ads in the sports category.