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Anne-Marie Moir

Head of Innovation, Lewers

Anne-Marie is a classically trained qualitative researcher with over 25 years experience. She has a Bachelor of Business in Marketing and Applied economics and has conducted well over 1000 focus groups in Australia the UK and from time to time in New Zealand and Asia. Anne-Marie has always been interested in technology and innovation. She is one of the pioneers of innovation in qualitative research Awarded by ESOMAR at the AMSRS Conference for a paper titled 'Can AI improve the speed and quality of analysis in qualitative research?' Qualitative specialties: Creative advertising development and evaluation, branding, new product development, communications. Innovation specialties: AI, qualitative analysis, chatbots, integration, data augmentation, software development.

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Female Insights Tech Pioneers panel discussion

72 Hours to Deliver!

A head-to-head comparison of three approaches for fast decision making. Is it better to turn the project down because of the inherent risk of a tight timeline, to pull together a team to respond with a tried and tested method, or to lean on some of the new tools which use AI to fast track analysis whilst fieldwork is taking place? In this paper, our client, Foxtel will present the Lewers team with such a scenario. Three teams will separately respond to the same brief and the client will compare the results and declare a winner, as well as highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of each approach.